As co-creator of social enterprise ‘myfastestmile’ and with a role in the UK Olympic sport system, much of Mark’s work revolves around understanding learning & expert performance in order to facilitate the development of sport participants, coaches and leaders. He is passionate about creating dynamic environments for people at all levels of sport to be their best, blending his own and others experiential knowledge of sport with principles from the emerging field of Complexity Science. Prior to arriving in the UK early in 2014, Mark spent 12 years working with a professional Australian Rules Football club in his home town of Adelaide in South Australia.

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Finding Mark

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Twitter – @Uppy01

Show Notes

6:15 Does the general coaching practice lag 20 years behind the research?
9:45 On patience as a virtue when instituting something new in your coaching.
11:30 Random training versus blocked training sessions. Which works best?
16:45 Did Messi get good at beating defenders by dribbling around cones?
19:45 On starting backwards – start with the game and work toward the skills needed.
22:45 Most common issue influencing Grassroots coaching
28:15 Where should our most expert coaches be placed in the pyramid?
33:30 How perceptions of leadership affect coaching styles
37:45 What does Mark wish he knew when he started?
41:45 How to get in touch with Mark

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