The ripple effect for changing the game and the content and ideas you present is very powerful and lasting. Thank you for your incredible presentation.

Michele, SPARK Kindness, MA

Your time with us has been invaluable and sparked great conversations and excitement about the upcoming season. Changing the Game Project is so impactful and we really apprecaite how you speak in layman’s terms, making change so possible and so simple. Thank you!

Heather, Sun Valley Youth Hockey

He is the best speaker we’ve ever had. He used videos kids could relate to, I could relate to, and he made us laugh and cry at the same time. I thought he had great things to say to the kids. I loved it!

Betsy F, 8th Grade Teacher

Great Assembly for the kids! And great for the parents! I was able to bring some of my soccer friends with me and they all were able to take something from that meeting and have tried to change their behavior already. It was a great message to hear for parents. We also have been able to continue the conversation in the classroom. Great event!

CS, Soccer Coach and Math Teacher


  • Parents/Coaches Seminar (60-90 mins): Building a “Player First” Environment in Youth Sports
  • Parents Workshop (60-90 mins): Developing a Champion’s Mindset in your Athletes
  • Coaches Workshop (60 mins): Beyond X’s and O’s: Leadership Secrets of the World’s Best Coaches
  • Coaches Workshop (60 mins): Developing a Culture of Champions
  • Coaches Workshop (90 minutes to 4 Hours): E Colors Workshop to Develop Self Awareness in Coaching
  • Board/Leadership Development (60 mins): Developing Excellence in Your Youth Sports Organization
  • Athletes/Students (30-60 mins): Developing a Champion’s Mindset
  • Athletes/Students (60 mins): Leadership Workshop for Captains and Student-Athletes
  • Athlete/Team Development (90 minutes to 4 Hours): E Colors in Sports (Our Personality is How We React, but Our Character is How We Respond)
  • Full Day Workshops(6-8 hours) for coaches: The Way of Champions: Leadership, Teamwork and Building a Championship Culture (co-taught with Dr. Jerry Lynch of Way of Champions)
  • Way of Champions Transformational Coaching Conference (3-day event): we run this event 2x per year, click here for more info

**We’re also available to customize and tailor an event to your specific needs

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