Dr Martin Toms is a senior lecturer in Sports Coaching in the School of Sport & Exercise Sciences, College of Life and Environmental Sciences.
Dr Toms has been involved in sport coaching and development for a number of years, and has experience of teaching in schools, as well as coaching (Professionally) prior to undertaking posts at University. He has researched, presented and published in the area of the sports experiences of young people, and talent and participant development. As a sports ethnographer, he has experience in educational, coaching and club settings.
Dr. Toms also works on the European and International scale with sports organizations (currently leading the UoB partnership with the Sports Authority of India), as well as having worked alongside the PGA for the past 18 years in golf education and development. Dr Toms has maintained his links with grass roots sports clubs in the UK as well. As well as playing, officiating and coaching, he is also active in youth sport at a local level.

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Highlights from the podcast with Dr. Martin Toms:
Min 11: Kids are not mini adults
Min 15: Teaching coaches to teach Children
Min 20: Paying coaches of youth teams
Min 23: Are we too focused on the science of athlete development? 
Min 27: How age effects talent selection
Min 31: Separating kids by age groups or ability?
Min 35: How has the tendency to have children later in life effected youth sport participation?
Min 41: When children watch their parents play sports
Min 45: Participating in sports as a parent with your children
Min 53: Transitioning out of sport
Min 58: “You coach a child, not a sport.” Martin Toms
Min 104: Martin Tom’s Legacy
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