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#136 Steve Kerr
October 10, 2019
Steve Kerr, 8-time NBA champion player and coach, shares insights on coaching philosophy, building championship culture, and the importance of...
#285 Dave Aranda
August 12, 2022
Dave Aranda, Head Coach of Baylor Football and a 2020 National Champion Assistant Coach at LSU, shares insights on his coaching journey, authenticity,...
#361 Tara VanDerveer
January 23, 2024
Tara VanDerveer, Head Coach of the Stanford Women’s Basketball team, made history as the all-time winningest coach in NCAA basketball history,...
#353 Dr Michael Gervais
November 28, 2023
Dr. Michael Gervais, renowned high-performance psychologist and author of "The First Rule of Mastery," is sought after by top professionals in...
#263 Brad Stevens
March 11, 2022
Brad Stevens, former head coach of the Boston Celtics and current President of Basketball Operations for the team, is celebrated for his...
#240 Anson Dorrance
October 1, 2021
Anson Dorrance, renowned coach of the University of North Carolina Women's Soccer Team, with over 1000 wins and 21 NCAA Championships, is a prolific...
#49 Cindy Timchal
February 19, 2018
Cindy Timchal, a Hall of Fame coach, has made an indelible mark on women's lacrosse, leading Navy to prominence while amassing an NCAA-record 491 wins...
#245 David Epstein
November 5, 2021
David Epstein, author of "Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized World" and "The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic...
Episode #266
April 1, 2022
Chris Armas, assistant coach at Manchester United and former head coach of Major League Soccer clubs Toronto FC and New York Red Bulls, brings his...
Episode #271
May 6, 2022
Daniel Coyle, bestselling author and advisor to sports teams, businesses, and the military, returns to discuss his latest book "The Culture Playbook,"...


#378 John and Jerry Fireside Chat
May 23, 2024
John and Jerry reconvene for one of our famous fireside chats, where we answer some frequent asked questions and discuss our forthcoming book The...
#377 Jamie Mittelman
May 16, 2024
Jamie Mittleman (@flamebearers) is the Founder & Host of Flame Bearers. Founded while Jamie was receiving her Masters of Public Administration from...
Jamie Mittleman is a former collegiate athlete and host of the Flame Bearers Podcast
#376 US Center for Mental Health and Sport
May 10, 2024
Margaret Domka is the Executive Director of the US Center for Mental Health and Sport and a former FIFA World Cup Referee. Dr Skye Arthur-Banning is...
Margaret Domka and Dr Skye Arthur-Banning are the Co-founders of the US Center for Mental Health and Sport. Domka is a former FIFA World Cup Referee and PhD candidate at Clemson, and Arthur-Banning is an associate professor at Clemson.
#375 Graham Betchart
May 1, 2024
Graham Betchart is the Mental performance Coach for 2x NCAA Champion UConn Men's Basketball and Multiple NBA Stars and Corporate Execs. ...
#374 Angela Hucles Mangano
April 25, 2024
Angela Hucles Mangano is a 2x Olympic Gold Medalist and 2x World Cup Bronze Medalist, Former President of Women's Sports Foundation and Current GM of...
Episode #373
April 18, 2024
Former World Cup and Olympic Coach for USA Women's Rugby, on Leadership, Coach Well-being, and the Difference Between a Great Culture and a...