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This week on the podcast we take a deep dive into what exactly is abusive coaching and how parents and coaches can take steps to stop it. To do so we gathered three experts in the field of bullying and coaching abuse to join John and Jerry for a fascinating discussion. 

Dr. Amy Saltzman a holistic physician, mindfulness coach, long-time athlete, and a member of the US Soccer Participant Safety Taskforce. She’s had the privilege of being recognized by her peers as a visionary and pioneer in the fields of holistic medicine and mindfulness for athletes, coaches, and other high performers, kids, teens, parents, teachers, therapists, and allied professionals. We had her on episode 77 talking about her book A Still Quiet Place for Athletes and now her new organization is Spot a Spider, which teaches children, teens, and young adults how to protect themselves and others from all types of abuse: sneaky (covert) emotional abuse (also known as grooming), and obvious (overt) emotional, physical and sexual abuse. Check it out at

Jennifer Fraser is the Founder of  Jennifer earned her PhD from University of Toronto in Comparative Literature. Be A Good Soldier: Children’s Grief in Modernist English Novels looks at pedagogical beliefs about children and the ways in which they fuel aggression and war. Her third book Teaching Bullies takes lived experience with an abuse crisis and puts it into the context of psychology, psychiatry, education, law, and neuroscience. What’s being discovered in neuroscientific labs across the world has the power to change how we understand our brains and lives. This empowering research infuses her latest book The Bullied Brain: Heal Your Scars and Restore Your Health. Has been on WOC Podcast before Episode #275 and #27.

Mitch Lyons is one of the funders of  and is a retired lawyer. He is the founder of (GPS) in 2002 and the Social Emotional Learning Alliance for Massachusetts in 2011, both of which are tax-exempt 501 (c)(3) educational advocacy organizations. GPS remains the only educational organization promoting athletic reforms that address the fundamental problems of using a 19th century team model in a 21st century world. SEL4MA was the first grassroots educational advocacy group promoting social-emotional learning (SEL) and is now being replicated in twenty-one states under the banner of Mitch is a former collegiate basketball player and long time youth coach.


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