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Every once in a while we do a flashback to an oldie but goodie from the archives, and we decided to do that this week because it was spring break here in Oregon, and I was headed out with some friends to tech free cabin up by Mt Rainier in Washington, and I realized last second I needed a book to read. So I grabbed one off the shelf that I had not read in quite a while, yet it is one I talk about at almost every single presentation I do. It is called The Power of Moments by Chip and Dan Heath, and this book is truly required reading for coaches. Why?

Everyone has these defining moments in their lives that they vividly recall. But these moments are not an accident. Science actually tells us which type of moments people are most likely to remember in any experience. Some are extraordinary and some are terrible. As coaches, we do not get to choose which moments our athletes recall, but we do get to choose the moments we create in order to ensure what we leave our athletes with are exceptionally positive moments. Dan Heath joins us on the podcast to discuss how these moments arise and how we can help create them. This episode originally aired back in November 2017, but it is so good I wanted to replay it for you this week.



Dan Heath is a Senior Fellow at Duke University’s CASE center, which supports social entrepreneurs. At CASE, he founded the Change Academy, a program designed to boost the impact of social sector leaders.

Dan is the co-author, along with his brother Chip, of three New York Times bestsellers: DecisiveSwitch, and Made to Stick. Their new book, The Power of Moments, was my favorite book of 2017.’s editors named Switch one of the Best Nonfiction Books of the Year, and it spent 47 weeks on the New York Times Bestseller list. Made to Stick was named the Best Business Book of the Year and spent 24 months on the BusinessWeek bestseller list. Their books have been translated into over 30 languages.

Previously, Dan worked as a researcher and case writer for Harvard Business School. In 1997, Dan co-founded an innovative publishing company called Thinkwell, which continues to produce a radically reinvented line of college textbooks.


Dan’s new book Power of Moments and how we are all defined by special moments

“Wise Criticism” when high standards and assurance are used in feedback

The tightrope of being a mentor/coach who allows players to take risks

What have you failed at this week?

The quest to find Peak Moments

The Magic Castle – An “average” motel with Overwhelming experiences

Transitions – the importance of the “first day experience”

The FOUR qualities of defining moments

The profound obligation of a coach to “get these moments right”

The Tarantula study

How do you create more moments of pride in sport?

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