As a coach who has spent nearly two decades studying and learning about leadership, I know that my thinking has evolved immensely on this subject. For those of you who are looking for a few new ideas, or better yet, you are a  new coach trying to accelerate the learning curve, for the next three weeks in my videos I will share with you three things that I see great leaders doing all the time that you can do as well. Unfortunately, most coaches ignore these three simple items that make all the difference.

Here is Part I


The first thing that great leaders do is recognize that our athletes hear what we say, but they remember how we make them feel. When they feel great about themselves sand their team, their state of mind allows them to not only retain more of our teaching, but perform better. Focus on your players emotional state – and your own emotional state that you bring to training and games – and you will gain new insight into what takes your players to the next level.


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