“I screwed that up.”

Imagine asking a member of the Navy Seals what makes a great leader, and that it is the answer you receive. One of the toughest people on the planet showing vulnerability, failure, and weakness. According to Daniel Coyle, this ability to find weakness is what makes great teams strong. This is a must listen podcast for anyone who works with teams. Hear more about what it takes to build great cultures.

Enjoy the show!


Show Notes

2:00 How a little girl and a tennis ball sparked The Culture Code

9:30 Greg Popovich’s does two things: he tells you the truth and he loves you to death

12:00 Pound the Rock

18:30 What is safety and why do great cultures need to have it?

27:00 The four most important words a leader can say

37:00 Culture is fully within our control

44:30 The myth of cultural fit?


About Daniel Coyle

Daniel Coyle is the New York Times bestselling author of The Talent Code, The Little Book of Talent, The Secret Race (co-authored with Tyler Hamilton), Hardball: A Season in Projects, and other books.  Winner (with Hamilton) of the 2012 William Hill Sports Book of the Year Prize, he is a contributing editor for Outside Magazine, and works as a special advisor to the Cleveland Indians. Coyle lives in Cleveland, Ohio during the school year and in Homer, Alaska, during the summer with his wife Jen, and their four children.

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Twitter: @DanielCoyle

Website: http://danielcoyle.com

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The Culture Code: https://amzn.to/2JHWW6M

The Talent Code: https://amzn.to/2I5cF2H


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