What would your team look like if you let them shape and drive the culture, and if you loved them first as people before you ever tried to be coach? Would they be more like the bad news bears instead of Barcelona?

If you said the bad news bears, you are dead wrong. In this entertaining and thought provoking interview with Tom Bates, we discover that the world’s greatest teams believe in love, connectedness and the human component as the most important factors in building great cultures and winning teams. Tune in to hear Tom’s fascinating stories from some of the world’s most well-known managers and teams and his own beliefs about what makes a great coach, how to build a great culture, and where the future of sport is headed.

Tom Bates is Performance Psychology coach and consultant at West Bromwich Albion FC. Over the last ten years he has worked with youth and senior domestic international athletes, coaches, managers and teams helping them to perform under pressure and be at their best when it matters the most.

Starting his career at Cambridge United, he moved to AFC Bournemouth and quickly progressed to Birmingham City FC during their years in the English Premier League and Championship before taking up his current role with the Baggies.

Tom’s work has extended into other professional sports working with GB Basketball, Swimming, Boxing, Rugby, Golf and Fencing. During the summer Olympic games of 2012 he worked select GB athletes to maximise performance under pressure to engage and apply Peak Performance principles based on the Science of Psychology.

Tom has appeared in numerous television and radio features nationwide extending his work in psychology to executive business coaching seminars and workshops around the world.
During these highly interactive seminars he acts to stimulate and inspire thought provoking leadership skills through focusing exclusively on the ‘management of self’.


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Show Notes
5:00 How he got into performance psychology
8:45 Only the weak need a psychologist” but even the best should be working with one
12:30 You cannot coach in a freezing cold pool
20:30 Tom shares a great practice from La Masia in Barcelona that helps develop their great culture
26:30 Moving from I/You to “We” is a powerful way to deepen the learning and the resiliency of athletes
33:00 Tom’s belief in the future of High-Performance Coaching
37:15 The importance of culture in sport
48:30 The very first thing you should do to start a great culture and (maybe the most important)

Get in Touch
Twitter: @TomBatesCoachng (there is no “I” in coaching)
Instagram: @TomBatesCoachng
Website: www.tombatescoaching.com
His TED Talk: Tom Bates: Imagination: The Power of Creativity

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