This week on the Way of Champions Podcast, John O’Sullivan gets to chat with David Epstein, author of the internationally best-selling book The Sports Gene: The Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance and one of our FAVORITE all-time books. The book is a top 10 New York Times bestseller and was chosen as a best non-fiction book of 2013 by The Washington Post and Publisher’s Weekly. Runner’s World chose The Sports Gene as its book of the year, and the book was a finalist for the William Hill Sports Book of the Year Award, the PEN/ESPN Literary Sports Writing Award, and the National Academy of Sciences Communication Award. It has been translated into sixteen languages.  In the conversation, John and David discuss:

  • How his book debunked the “10,000-hour rule” that Malcolm Gladwell wrote about in Outliers
  • Is it nature, or nurture, or both when it comes to athletic development
  • How Tiger Woods’ path was not the same as Roger Federer, Steve Nash or Lorenzo Cain
  • How in some complex activities, practice actually pulls athletes apart rather than bringing them together, as those sensitive to learning improve faster
  • How coaches and parents can help young athletes find their “true calling” in sports by creating and encouraging multi-sport environments
  • Ways coaches can serve the individual needs of every athlete within a team environment
  • How he is more concerned with doing things the way research says instead of how we’ve always been doing it.

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You can buy the Sports Gene here: The Sports Gene on Amazon

You can find David on his website: The Sports Gene Website

Twitter: @DavidEpstein

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