Ask dentists what are the 5 most important things they should be learning, and you will find those being taught in dental school. Dentists are given the most important skills to succeed in that role. Ask coaches what are the 5 most important things they should be learning and then audit a coaching education course. Are we actually teaching our coaches what matters most for their role?


Wayne Goldsmith has been at the forefront of sports innovation, education and development for over 25 years. His unique “whole of sport” background – having worked across every level and aspect of sport around the world gives New Sport the insights to see the real problems in your sport and help you develop effective and efficient solutions.

From USA Swimming to the Wallabies Australian Rugby Union team, from the Triathlon Australia World Championships and Olympic Games team to the North Melbourne Kangaroos AFL team, Wayne’s worked with professional football, professional tennis and a wide range of Olympic sports across Australia and around the world

He’s helped local junior sporting clubs to improve their coaching programs and been in the locker room and in the coaching box with the Sydney Roosters on NRL Grand Final Day. He’s sat on the sidelines and talked with volunteer coaches and sporting parents at junior sporting events and walked in the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games.

Wayne has a knowledge and understanding of sport that’s rare: he has direct, first-hand experience helping sport – at every level.

Where other sports consultancies offer expertise in one aspect of the sports industry, Wayne’s ability to see your sport holistically – to see every piece of the sports participation and performance puzzle – allows him to generate bespoke presentations, plans, programs and packages that make a difference: New Sport works.

Coaches, officials, sporting parents, sports administrators, sports scientists, researchers and sports leaders in local government, state and national government, Wayne’s extensive experience and client list is remarkable.

In a sentence – Wayne Goldsmith knows sport – he knows your sport – and he can help you make your sport extraordinary.

New Sport – the future of Sport….the future of your sport.


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Show Notes

7:10 From storeroom packer to sport scientist – How Wayne got started

10:50 What is coaching – “the art of inspiring change through emotional connection”

13:35 One of the most powerful moments in discussing the issues of youth sport

19:20 To a man with a hammer, everything is a nail – we need to shift perspective of coaching

13:05 There is no need to have content heavy training courses – they can find that for free on the internet

28:50 Wayne outlines what the very first day of a coach training course should look like

37:50 Sport is the most conservative institution we know – we simply refuse to change and it is killing sport

41:50 There is no such thing as a 10-year-old star

54:05 Early talent is a very poor predictor of long-term success

1:04:20 It’s about the freedom to choose – our athletes must own the process

1:07:05 If you live in your head, you’re dead – turn wish into can into will into did


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