A small town in Vermont, with only 3,000 full-time inhabitants has put at least one athlete in every Olympic games since 1984, including the highest ever finisher in the ski jump from the US. What are they doing to create such elite athletes? The answer has little to do with sports…


Karen Crouse is a graduate of the University of Southern California, where she earned a varsity letter in swimming. She started her newspaper career at the Savannah News-Press, where she was the first woman to grace the sports department, and worked at seven other dailies before being hired by the New York Times in 2005. Her first book, on a small Vermont town’s secret to raising Olympians who are happy, healthy and productive people and performers, will be published by Simon & Schuster in January of 2018.

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Show Notes

10:45 From the streets of Socchi to the fields of Norwich

21:00 Karen’s book becomes one about parenting and not sports

27:00 A cautionary tale of raising Olympians

39:00 Kids don’t need adults to organize and make up the rules of sports

49:20 Growing up in a community of mentors and shared values

1:01:45 Kevin Pearce and life beyond the Olympics


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