We asked you all to share with us your favorite podcasts from 2017, and we had so many responses that we have decided to divide it up into multiple episodes. In this episode, we share your favorite podcasts from select coaches: UNC National Champion Lacrosse Coach Jenny Levy, USA Volleyball’s John Kessel, World Cup and Olympic Champion Tony DiCicco, Unleash the Athlete’s James Leath, and our interview with Dr. Wade Gilbert and Dr. Jerry Lynch. This is a bit longer than most of our podcasts, but it is full of pure gold. In future episodes, we will have advice from athletes, researchers, and some other coaching gems. Thanks all for your feedback and supporting our podcast this past year!

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Show Notes

John Kessel

5:30    John Kessel on the Need for Peer Mentoring in Sports

8:20    John Kessel on Training Ugly and Learning to Ride a Bike

10:50  John Kessel on Training to Perform in Games NOT Training to Perform in Practice

13:00  John Kessel on Why Some Coaches Should be Sued for Malpractice


Jenny Levy

15:10  Jenny Levy on Advice She Got From Roy Williams: “It may mean you may never win”.

17:30  Jenny Levy on Recruiting to Fit Your Culture

21:25  Jenny Levy on When Parents Should Intervene


Dr. Jerry Lynch and Wade Gilbert

24:50  Dr. Jerry Lynch and Wade Gilbert on the Cornerstone of John Wooden’s Coaching Success

27:50  Dr. Jerry Lynch Discusses The Impact Dean Smith had on His Career

31:30  Wade Gilbert on Karch Kiraly and the Magic of Ugly Practices


James Leath

35:25  James Leath on the Time He Made ESPN Top Ten

38:30  James Leath on Building Athletes of Character First

43:45  James Leath on Why He Coaches


Tony DiCicco

48:15    Tony DiCicco Discusses his 1990s Women’s National Team

51:55    Tony DiCicco on multi-sport athletes and what it takes to produce world class athletes

57:35    Tony DiCicco Explains Why Winning Does NOT Equate to Development

59:40    Tony DiCicco Recalls his Rule of One Moments from His Storied Career

1:04:50 Tony DiCicco Shares his Coaching Philosophy


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