As summer tournament season is upon us, many families are traveling far and wide, and spending hard earned dollars on tournaments and other sports travel. Inevitably, there will be a game or a match where a referee makes a poor decision, or gets a call wrong, and this can often lead to yelling, screaming, and increased tension and pressure for our athletes. This usually adversary effects their performance, and their mental state.


I recorded a few thoughts for you on my experience with referees, and a few things to keep in mind as your support your young athletes this summer. We must remember that kids listen to what we say, but they remember what we do, and how we deal with the adversity and intensity of a bad call, as well as how we show our kids to respect authority, are lessons that will stick with them well beyond their youth sports career.

As an added bonus, if you watch the video to the end (its only 5 mins) then all the You Tube crazy sports parents videos come up! Enjoy, and if you like this, please share it with your team, your friends, and perhaps with a referee you know, with a word of thanks for all they do.

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