Has your child experienced bullying in sport? This episode is the tough conversation none of us like to have but we must in order to protect our children. Author and anti-bullying expert, Jen Fraser, shares her own experiences with John and outlines a new kind of sport paradigm that could end bullying. Listen in to find out how to recognize bullying, address it, and protect your children.
Author and teacher, Jennifer Fraser has a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto. Her written work ranges from academic studies to plays and novels and she has taught for over twenty years at the university, college and high-school levels. A passionate educator, her new book Teaching Bullies: Zero Tolerance on the Court or in the Classroom explores what happens when the bully is a teacher or coach. Anti-bullying author and advocate, Barbara Coloroso has said “Fraser’s focus on teachers and coaches is a new and important contribution to the field.”

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Show Notes
8:30 Do some of the school sport eligibility rules put athletes in danger for bullying?
12:00 The Story of why she wrote Teaching Bullies
16:45 What does it mean to be a bully?
23:00 Is it motivation or is it humiliation?
27:00 50 years of research on the damage of bullying
34:00 The issue of victim blaming in youth sports
38:00 How can parents protect their kids in the case of possible bullying
48:00 Blowing the whistle isn’t easy, but we have to stand up for kids

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Website: http://jennifer-fraser.com
Twitter: @teachingbullies
Book: Teaching Bullies
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