Stuart Armstrong is the Head of Coaching for Sport England. Prior to Sport England, he was the Player Development Manager for the Rugby Football Union. He is one of the world’s top experts on player development pathways and skill acquisition, and has helped thousands of coaches in the UK create better learning environments and develop deeper relationships with their players.

His sports coaching experience is in golf, cricket, field hockey, rugby, and soccer. He leverages the knowledge gained from the various sports he has coached to help create multi-sport, player-focused training programs that assist athletes in not only developing sold skill foundations but great off-field skills to help them succeed in life.

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Show Notes

7:30 Stu’s push to create a more diverse coaching force
9:30 What’s working in the UK for coaching diversification? Change the definition
15:15 We need to support coaches “where they are coaching”
21:30 There is no magic practice
24:00 Biggest mistake coaches are making – Joystick Coaching
29:15 The cultural catch-22 of “proper coaching”
32:30 “Learning happens in the Ugly Zone”
39:00 What are PCDE’s and how do they help develop super champions?
42:30 Stu’s advice on LTAD
49:00 LTAD is not something we “have”, it’s something we “do”

Finding Stu

Twitter – @stu_arm
Website – The Talent Equation

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