After a record setting career as a quarterback at Dartmouth College, Jay Fiedler went on to play for 10 years in the NFL.  He was tutored by some of the top names in the world of offensive football, playing under coaches such as Tom Coughlin, Jon Gruden, Brian Billick, Norv Turner, Chan Gailey, Marc Trestman, and Bobby Petrino.  Since 1999, he has been passing along his knowledge to football players of all ages and skill levels through the PrimeTime Football camps and clinics.  He has distinguished himself as one of the top instructors in the game, mentoring and coaching numerous young athletes who have gone on to success at all levels of the game, from youth players all the way to the NFL.  Since starting up his off-season passing clinics in Long Island, Fiedler has been instrumental in developing some of the top area players.  He has coached numerous All-Long Island QBs and WRs with few of them earning county awards as the top players overall and at their positions.  Players who have worked with Jay have gone on to play in the SEC, ACC, Ivy League, Big Ten, Patriot League, as well as many D2 and D3 programs.  In addition, Jay has worked with pro prospects getting them ready for their careers in the NFL.  His knowledge, passion and experience make Jay the best football instructor you can find in the Northeast.

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Show Notes

3:30 The Neverending Season

8:00 Why is it more difficult to play multiple sports now?

13:00 Jay’s path to the NFL

21:30 Who was the one teammate who gave way more than he took?

28:45 Jay’s Rule of One moments

35:30  How he passes the legacy of great coaching to the next generation

38:00 On how great coaches will evaluate their own communication skills

41:30 Single best piece of advice to athletes or coaches: Pursue Your Passion

Finding Jay

Twitter @JayFiedler @BrookwoodCamps

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