Celia Slater
Celia brings nearly 30 years of unmatched experience in college athletics as both an organizational head and a collegiate basketball coach, most recently serving as co-founder and executive director of both the NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) and The Alliance of Women Coaches (The Alliance). The WCA started as a professional development program and, due largely to Celia’s efforts, soon exploded into a network of women coaches with an ever-growing grant to aid in expansion.


On the court, Celia most recently served at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida, as head women’s basketball coach and member of the First Year Experience Task Force. In her early days, Celia was a four-year scholarship athlete and named Most Valuable Player of the women’s basketball team during her senior year at Florida State University. Rounding out her academic experience, she earned her master’s degree in sports administration from the University of Northern Colorado.


Jerry Lynch
Dr. Lynch has been recognized as one of the top five in his profession nationwide. He has worked with men’s and women’s basketball, lacrosse, soccer, tennis, golf and other sports at the universities of North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, California, Syracuse, Stanford, Harvard and Middlebury and continues to work with several teams and parent groups nationally.  Several of his clients have participated in various summer and winter Olympic Games. Most recently, he has established a consultancy with Steve Kerr, head coach of the World Champion Golden State Warriors. In the past 30 years alone, he has been part of 54 Final Four and 36 National Championship at the collegiate and professional levels.


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Highlights from the podcast with Celia Slater and Jerry Lynch:
Min 11: How do most coaches get trained in sport?
Min 17: Should sport coaches hire a coach to help them grow, personally?
Min 23: Women in collegiate sports
Min 29 Embracing masculine and feminine qualities
Min 36: Why do female coaches reach out for help more than male coaches?
Min 41: Looking at coach as a “Profession”
Min 45: Creating a unified board of American sport coaches
Min 51: Why are there less female coaches now than before Title 9?
Min 56: Camp Elevate https://truenorthsports.net/camp-elevate-2019/ use offer code WOC2019 for $50 off


Resources Mentioned
True North Sports truenorthsports.net
NCAA Women’s Coaching Academy https://wecoachsports.org/
Great Coach National Database https://app.greatcoach.com/
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