Our guest this week is Erik Imler. Imler, a UVA graduate, was a NCAA National Champion in 1989, 1991 and 1992 and went on to be a member of the 1992 Olympic Team and represented the United States as a player and then as a coach.
As a Youth Academy Director and passionate blogger who is dissatisfied with the status quo of youth soccer development in the United States, Erik is on a mission to support the positive change that must be experienced in youth development. Erik is in constant search for intelligent and thought provoking soccer conversation and is determined to make a difference in the youth club soccer landscape.
His youth programs address the most prominent technical deficiencies in many youth players – passing and receiving – while simultaneously creating a thirst for skill mastery and love of the game among the players.
Check out Erik’s soccer BLOG – Can’t Pass, Can’t Play as he attempts to educate parents on what really matters.
Highlights from the Podcast:
Min 03: Getting to know Eric Imler
Min 06: The early days of playing professional soccer
Min 13: Organizing your coaching library…then thinning it out
Min 16: Choosing to work with the younger athletes
Min 23: Erik goes to Spain and attends the TOVO academy
Min 29: Skill acquisition and motor learning
Min 33: Designing coaching on how children learn
Min 44: The Coaching Philosophy – Defining your why and how of coaching
Min 49: Organizing practice depending on age and numbers
Min 55: Redefining the expectations of what the players do on the field
Min 1:04 Leaving a legacy as a coach
Resources Mentioned
Can’t Pass Can’t Play [BLOG]
Continuing the Legacy of Johan Cruyff with TOVO Academy and Cruyff Institute Founder, Todd Beane [PODCAST]
I Once Was Blind… (BLOG)
Connect with Erik Imler

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