Today marks a huge day in the evolution of the Changing the Game Project, as we launch the first three episodes of our brand new endeavor, the Way of Champions Podcast (click here to subscribe)! Our goal is to give parents, coaches, youth sports administrators, and athletes access to the top minds in coaching, talent development, athletic performance, and more. Every week we will be interviewing fascinating figures such as world champion athletes, Olympic and international level coaches, as well as top researchers and authors. Some may be household names, and others you may never have heard of, but you will be glad you do.

This podcast is a partnership between Changing the Game Project and the Founder of Way of Champions, Dr. Jerry Lynch. For those who have not heard of Jerry’s work, he has been in the leadership and team development business for decades and his teams have won 36 NCAA titles and world championships. He has worked with iconic coaches, and college programs from schools such as Stanford, The University of North Carolina, University of Maryland, Syracuse, and many others. Many of his twelve books are considered mandatory reading for coaches and professional athletes. We are so excited to be working with Jerry to give you access to many of the top minds in sport.

Our first three episodes are now available for download from iTunes, and every Friday we will post another episode. We will embed the audio in our Friday blog post. You can listen to, subscribe and download by clicking here:

Listen to the Way of Champions Podcast.

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Over the next weeks, you will hear from guests such as 2x Olympic Gold Medalist Ashton Eaton, author of The Sports Gene David Epstein, World Cup soccer players Angela Hucles and Jay DeMerit, World and Olympic Champion coach Tony DiCicco, and many others.

Let’s get started. Here are our first three episodes:

WOC #1: 36x NCAA Champion Team Consultant Dr. Jerry Lynch


Dr. Lynch and John talk about meeting the great Dean Smith, the qualities of great teams, how to build and coach values based and purpose-driven teams, and so much more. He has worked as a Sports Psychologist for men’s and women’s Basketball, Lacrosse, Field Hockey and Soccer teams at the universities such as North Carolina, Duke, Maryland, California, UConn and Stanford and continues to work with several teams nationally. He has been involved with athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, helping them to overcome fears, blocks, and slumps, and to perform up to their potential. Several of his clients have participated in various summer and winter Olympic games. Aside from sports, Dr. Lynch has worked with performing artists and corporate executives and currently works closely with Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors. You can find Dr. Lynch at

WOC #2: EPL, PGA, and Olympic Sports Psychologist Dan Abrahams

Dan Abrahams and John discuss how he works with professional and Olympic athletes to remove interference and help them perform their very best. They also discuss how coaches and parents can best help, and not hinder their athletes progress on every level from youth to the pros. Dan is a former professional golfer and now a global sports psychologist, working alongside leading players, teams, coaches and organizations across the world in multiple sports. He is known for his passion and ability to de-mystify sports psychology, as well as his talent for creating simple to use techniques and performance philosophies, and he is the author of several sport psychology books as well as the founder of the Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy.

Find Dr. Abrahams on Twitter: @DanAbrahams77 or @AbrahamsGolf

Website: get 20% off the online Dan Abrahams Soccer Academy psychology program by emailing [email protected] and mentioning Way of Champions Podcast.

Books: Click here for Dan’s Amazon author page to find Soccer Tough, Golf Tough and others books

WOC #3: Professional Women’s soccer coach Lisa Cole, Head Coach of Papua New Guinea Women’s National Team

John O’Sullivan sits down with Lisa Cole to discuss her amazing coaching journey as a longtime college assistant and head coach, Head Coach of the Boston Breakers in the NWSL, and international coach with Papua New Guinea Women’s Soccer during the 2016 U20 Women’s World Cup. She discusses some of the qualities of the best athletes and coaches she has worked with and tells us about her experience the past 18 months working with PNG and their amazing ride through the World Cup. The story is an incredible example of the power and impact of sport and will give you goosebumps.

You can find Lisa on Twitter at @LCole22

Thanks again for your support, and please do not forget to subscribe by clicking here, and leave us a review. Also, if you have some ideas for future guests, please leave them below.


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