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This week I was preparing a talk for a University Athletics department on connecting and communicating with Gen-Z, and I started by re-listening to this great podcast we did in 2021 with Betsy Butterick. She is a former college basketball coach at the University of Washington, Occidental College, and UC San Diego in addition to having worked as the Logistics manager for the Seattle Storm. Today, Betsy is known as “The Coaches’ Coach” & Communication Specialist. As a former coach with experience in DI, DII, DIII and the WNBA Betsy utilizes her unique background with individuals ready to improve and teams of all kinds — from the locker room to the boardroom. Connect with Betsy on Twitter and be sure to check out Betsy’s website:

In our discussion today we cover:

  • Betsy shares her journey about how she came to coaching coaches
  • How can we intentionally improve our level of communication?
  • When listening, ask yourself, “What can I learn?”
  • Kids these days…who have changed, adults or kids?
  • “Connecting with Gen Z is Not Impossible, it is just unpracticed.”
  • What does your whistle mean when you blow it?
  • What is it like to work with Betsy?
  • “If we want the best out of people, we have to give them our best!”
  • Dealing with criticism and resistance to change


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