We often talk on this podcast about theory and research, but this week we are talking about application. We have mentioned many times about the importance of getting a coaching mentor or at least a group of coaches to bounce ideas off of, get advice from, and help us raise our game. What does that feel like? Is it hard? What are the obstacles? What happens when you don’t agree? What will your staff say when an outsider steps in?

This week, we talk about all of that, and more, with Alan Keane (@CoachKeane14), Great Britain and England U18 Head Men’s Basketball Coach. Alan has been involved with professional and international basketball for the past ten years, as both the England U16 and U18 Head Coach for the European Championships, as well as assistant coach for the Reading Rockets Senior team.  A few years back, Alan had the privilege of being assigned multiple time Way of Champions guest Mark Bennett (@PDSCoach) as a coaching mentor for a year. The journey was an incredible one for Alan, as he worked with Mark in both a basketball and a school setting, identifying the non-negotiables, implementing the Rule of 3, and helping him prepare a team for the European championships, including turning over an entire national team practice to Mark, who does not even coach basketball! It is an incredible story and one that will inspire you to find a way to get a mentor and practice your own coaching!

Enjoy the show!


Getting in Touch

Email: [email protected]

Twitter: @CoachKeane14

Show Notes

7:15 Alan’s coaching journey really started when he was a kid

11:00 The dangers of going straight from playing to coaching

24:30 Are you asking players what you want to do or what they’re capable to do

34:00 Are you creating safety for your athletes to take ownership of the process

49:00 The unmistakable value of a mentor – Alan talks about Mark Bennett of PDS

54:30 What happens when a non-basketball person runs a basketball practice

1:13:00 If you don’t have a mentor, use video


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