What group has the most influential position and platform to impact the lives of our children? Coaches. What are we doing to ensure that group is prepared to coach with purpose and change lives for the better? This week’s guest has an answer for that.

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Show Notes

1:45 Ryan’s own journey

8:00 The importance of having a group of colleagues and sharing with them

18:30 We need to show up as parents at our kids’ games, not as fans

29:00 Learning to say you are sorry

45:00 Why do we care so much about winning?

52:00 Some of the Community for Coaches Tools that Ryan offers

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A native of Naples, Florida and a four-year member of the Yale University football program, Ryan Krzykowski began his career as a high school teacher/athletic coach in his hometown in 1998.

From 1998-2005, Ryan coached football and taught math at Naples High School, and experienced sport used as ministry to change the trajectory of people’s lives. Players, coaches, parents, and really an entire campus and community were changed forever by the work of the Spirit of God. Ryan began to develop a real vision and sense of possibility as he and his fellow coaches built a program that was designed to change lives for eternity.

In the summer of 2008 the Krzykowski family arrived in the KC Area, and Ryan began serving with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, as Metro KC FCA’s first Coaches Ministry Director. For 3 ½ years, Ryan developed a network of coaches throughout the Metro Area; serving, encouraging, and supporting them, and connecting them with each other in life changing ways.

In January, 2012, Ryan decided to take a step of faith and establish Community for Coaches, under the leadership of the The Navigators. The Navigators ministry has existed since 1933, with a focus on small group and individual discipleship training. This focus on small groups and personal relationships was a perfect fit with Ryan’s heart, gifting, and call from God. CFC exists to help athletic coaches develop and successfully live out a transformational purpose in the lives of those whom they influence, thus becoming agents of eternal change.


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