What would it look like if all your athletes were able to acknowledge, resolve, and let go of emotions and feelings during games? If they could choose the right behaviors, even in moments of high pressure because they were able to understand and forgive their own feelings and thoughts and not get stuck in negative patterns? Dr. Amy Saltzman shares with us the concept of mindfulness so we can help our athletes achieve peak performance and not let thoughts, feelings, and that little voice slow them down.

Enjoy the Show

Show Notes

5:45 When this journey started for Amy

7:45 The definition of mindfulness

9:15 Flow: Effortless joy in a chosen activity

13:45 Simple methods for beginning to develop mindfulness

21:00 The best way to work with a team is to include coaches in the process

27:45 The benefits of mindfulness

41:45 Mindfulness aids us in recovering from mistakes

48:45 Practicing mindfulness tomorrow with your athletes

54:15 Amy has a gift for our listeners

Getting in Touch

Website: www.stillquietplace.com

Facebook: Amy Saltzman

A special offer from Amy for our listeners:

Get 10% off her 8-week mindfulness course here: http://www.stillquietplace.com/still-quiet-place-athletes/

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About Amy

Dr. Amy Saltzman a holistic physician, mindfulness coach, long-time athlete, devoted student of transformation, wife, mother and occasional poet. Her passion is supporting people of all ages in achieving peak performance and finding flow. She’s had the privilege of being recognized by her peers as a visionary and pioneer in the fields of holistic medicine and mindfulness for athletes, coaches, and other high performers, kids, teens, parents, teachers, therapists, and allied professionals.

To support others in discovering the joy and peace of the Still Quiet Place she has written 3.5 books,

A Still Quiet Place for Athletes: Mindfulness Skills for Achieving Peak Performance and Finding Flow in Sports and in Life

A Still Quiet Place for Teens: A Mindfulness Workbook to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions

A Still Quiet Place: A Mindfulness Program for Teaching Children and Adolescents to Ease Stress and Difficult Emotions,

and created two CDS: Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness for Young Children and Still Quiet Place: Mindfulness for Teens.



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