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This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome back author Doug Lamov. Doug is here to discus his new book, The Coach’s Guide to Teaching. Doug was on the podcast years ago in episode #046 to discuss his previous book, Teach Like a Champion 2.0: 62 Techniques that Put Students on the Path to College. In his new book, and all throughout our conversation, we dive into how to give feedback, check for understanding, and how to build culture, plus much, much more! Grab a pen and something to write on–you will need it or this episode! You can follow @DougLemov or visit his website  https://teachlikeachampion.com/ to learn more.

Highlights and great quotes from the this episode:

  • Learning how to give feedback
  • Teaching kids how to be decision makers
  • Do players see because they scan, or scan because they see?
  • How does looking at the phone on game day hurt athlete performance?
  • Does your club have a curriculum and a plan to deliver it?
  • “Starting an activity the phase before the one you are working on”
  • Simplifying how we teach young athletes
  • Reducing the cognitive load on working memory
  • “You can get a lot wrong if you get culture right.”
  • How to move kids up and down without kids thinking they are being punished for going down

More about Doug Lemov

Doug Lemov is the author of the international bestseller Teach Like a ChampionTeach Like a Champion 2..0 andPractice Perfect. He is one of the foremost teacher educators in the world, and recently he has branched into the world of coach education. He now consults with major League Baseball teams and is an instructor for the US Soccer professional licenses. His new book The Coach’s Guide to Teaching will soon become a “must read” for any serious coach. In our conversation today, john and Doug break down this incredible book, touch on topics such as decision making vs. problem solving, how forgetting is key to learning, performance vs learning, how to give feedback and check for understanding, and so much more.  Take out your notebooks and pens and get ready to write, as this one is a doozy.

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