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This week on the Way of Champions Podcast we welcome back Todd Beane, founder of TOVO Academy in Barcelona, Spain and a former director with the Cruyff Institute. During our discussion, we we talk about how to coach clearly, how to establish a club philosophy, why it is important to find your why, and why it is important to find define our ideal player and ideal practice. 

Check out his new book Clear Coaching: Harness Clarity To Drive Development and follow him on twitter @_ToddBeane.

Highlights and great quotes from the this episode:

  • Launching a product with NWSL
  • The need for more female coaches
  • Taking five weeks and forty years to write a book
  • Searching for and understanding “why” you coach
  • How to train athletes to be problem solvers 
  • Bowling and playing Duck Duck Goose with your soccer players
  • What are some of the biggest challenges in installing a new methodology?
  • Being an Educator vs a Teacher
  • Seeing experiences through the eyes of the kids
  • Reflecting as a Coach

More about Todd Beane
Todd Beane is the Founder of TOVO Academy in Barcelona, Spain and a former director with the Cruyff Institute, working for 10 years alongside Johan Cruyff, one of the greatest players, coaches and philosophers in soccer history. Todd played collegiate soccer at Dartmouth College and earned his masters in education from Stanford University, before embarking on a decade long teaching journey. He then helped found the Cruyff Institute, and upon Cruyff’s passing founded TOVO Academy and the TOVO Institute to meld the worlds of education and coaching in soccer. Todd has just released a book containing many of his ideas called Clear Coaching: Harness Clarity to Drive Development. Today John and Todd discuss the book, coach education and development, and a project they have been working on together: introducing the TOVO methodology to John’s local soccer club in Bend, Oregon. You can follow Todd at @_ToddBeane on Twitter or go to TOVOInstitute.com to learn more about coaching education and player residency camps in Spain, the US, and online. 

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