In 2019, Kevin Kirk was voted PGA Coach of the Year. Kevin Kirk is one of the top golf coaches in the world. He is a deep thinker, culture creator, and ll-around great guy. We talk bout how to incorporate mental training to golfers, talking with parents, preparing for the national stage as an athlete…you do not want to miss this one!
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Highlights from the Podcast:

  • Kevin talks about the idea of “Kaizen” and how it effects his coaching
  • How important is it for a coach to know the story of each of their athletes?
  • What role does “trust” play in a coach-athlete relationship?
  • Keven remembers his first Way of Champions Conference
  • How does a coach in an individual sport create a great culture?
  • Kevin offers some insight on how Tiger has been so successful over the years
  • Changing the word “fear” to “excitement” to help an athlete manage energy levels
  • Kevin explains why coaching is really teaching awareness
  • How important is playing golf in the business world?
  • How can we intentionally create a space for elite athlete performance?
  • How can we use storytelling in our coaching?



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