“It’s difficult to be a great teammate if you are still focused on yourself,” says Dr. Peter Scales, author of Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis. For more than 45 years, Dr. Peter Scales has been a developmental psychologist, researcher, author, and speaker, internationally recognized as one of the world’s foremost authorities on the positive development of children and youth.

Among other topics, we discuss about how his background as a developmental psychologist influences his coaching, how to build a “team-first” culture, and the importance of teaching of positive self-talk and positive body language.

Other Highlights from the Discussion:
You should teach the kids who’s worse instincts you find amusing
All kids need A-B-C: Autonomy, Belonging, and Competence
How come teachers are taught how to teach a certain age, but coaches are considered able to teach any age
Why Dr. Scales will ask the players,”Is this working?”
How do we build a “team-first” culture?
When your child wants to practice after practice is over, then you know they are really in to that sport!
The importance of a coach making sure the athlete is loved regardless of winning or losing
The use of positive self-talk and body language
Taking a few minutes at the beginning of practice to “eat and talk”
Using an “excuse box” with athletes
Thinking during practice and feeling during playing

Dr. Scales is also a tennis teaching pro, certified by the U.S. Professional Tennis Association, and head JV tennis coach at Parkway South High School in Manchester, MO, where he has coached both boys’ and girls’ teams since 2008.

Connect with Dr. Peter Scales
Website: http://drpeterscales.com/ and http://coachpetescales.usptapro.com
Email: [email protected]

Resources Mentioned
Mental and Emotional Training for Tennis by Dr. Peter Scales

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