Is it Wise To Specialize?

Early Sports Specialization Can Have an Impact on Your Child’s Long-Term Athletic Performance. Learn How!

by John O'Sullivan, bestselling author of Changing the Game

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  • The facts about early sport specialization that many parents, coaches and organizations don't know but can significantly effect your child's sports experience
  • The path that most athletes have taken to become professional and elite athletes, and gives your child the BEST chance of optimal performance
  • How to ensure sports are physically, psychologically and socially beneficial to your child
  • How to speak to coaches and organizations that are pushing your child down a path that is not supported by the best practices of player development
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About the Author

John O'Sullivan is the author of Changing the Game, a columnist for, and a contributing writer for the Huffington Post and Soccer America  His blog at the Changing the Game Project is one the the most widely read youth sports blogs in the US. John is also a nationally known speaker on the topic of creating player-centered youth sports organizations, and recently was a featured speaker at TEDx Bend Oregon.