Coach, do you want to build resilient competitors who succeed beyond the game? 

Great teams and elite athletes are outcome aware, but purpose and process driven. This course by Coach Reed Maltbie is based on one of our most requested talks, "Warriors, Not Winners." Great teams are outcome aware, but purpose and process driven. In this course, Coach Reed outlines five psychological tools that you can use to build resilient, gritty competitors who focus on the process of getting better. He shares research and examples from some of the world's best teams and provides coaches with a pathway to excellence for their athletes, teams and programs, so that next season can be your best ever.

  • How to DEFINE what it means to be a Warrior rather than a winner using 5 scientifically-backed psychological concepts.
  • Tips and techniques to DEVELOP Warrior Athletes that you can use immediately with your teams and clubs.
  • A field-tested process that will help your team DEFEND the Warrior Culture against internal and external forces that impact us daily.
  • Course Length: 60 minutes
  • Your price: $19