Changing the Game: A Guide to Raising Happy and High Performing Athletes

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This is a series of 8 short videos designed to help you better understand and activate the 7 C’s that will unlock your young athletes maximum potential.  We often spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, and thousands on coaching and travel, but in reality the environment we create for our young athlete has a much larger affect on their overall performance.  In these videos, your will learn about:

  • Taking a Common Sense Approach to Youth Sports
  • Finding the Right Conditions and Environment for your Child
  • Giving Kids Control of their Sports Experience
  • Tips for Great Communication
  • How to Show Your Child Caring and Unconditional Love
  • How Children Gain Competence
  • The Secrets of Athletic Confidence

Each video is accompanied by a PDF document for you to print and take notes, as well as a list of discussion questions for you and your child.  These documents will become your Youth Sports Owners Manual, which you can refer back to often whenever you have questions or concerns about your child’s athletic experience.