Reed Maltbie, Speaker

Reed Maltbie is the Chief Content Officer and Lead Presenter for Changing the Game project.

With nearly 30 years of experience as an educator/coach and two masters degrees, Coach Reed has a wealth of practical experience and scientific research that he draws on to help athletes, coaches, and parents find more effective ways to navigate the youth sport environment.

Since the release of his 2015 TEDx talk “Echoes Beyond the Game”, he has become a trusted educator, advisor, and speaker to sports organizations all over the globe. He has appeared on Sirius XMFC Beyond the Pitch, Sirius XMFC Coaching Academy, ESPN Radio and dozens of other podcasts/radio shows to share his expertise on youth sports.

He’s also had the honor to work with sports organizations ranging from grassroots to elite level helping them become more effective at communication, building Champion cultures, and creating Warrior mindsets to succeed in and beyond the game.

Chat with him on Twitter (@coach_reed).