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Ten years ago I met Bruce Brown, and it changed my entire perspective as a coach, and as a father. I rededicated my coaching to developing better people first, and better athletes second. I began releasing his players to the game, and giving them control and ownership of their experience. Most importantly, I realized what it meant to significantly impact young athletes in a positive way, so that one day they might pay it forward to the next generation of players. I imagine that most of you who have met Bruce and his other speakers have had a similar, life-changing experience.

In 2012, I founded the Changing the Game Project, where we are dedicated, much like Bruce Brown and his team at Proactive Coaching, to giving youth sports back to our kids by educating parents and coaches in the fields of coaching, leadership, parenting, and becoming a person of positive significance in young athletes lives.

Bruce mentioned to you my new book, Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids. In it you will find many of the same timeless principles espoused by Proactive Coaching, as well as the latest scientific research into parenting, athletic development, leadership, and performance. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, you may do so below. A portion of the proceeds are donated to KIDS in the GAME, a 501 (c) 3 non profit providing scholarships to needy athletes that allows their continued participation in youth sports. Read more about KIDS  in the GAME here.

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