Thank you for visiting the Changing the Game Project, and for your interest in my new book, Changing the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy, High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids. If you would like to get our FREE book chapter on Confidence, please fill out the form on the right and we will email it straight to your inbox.  In it you will learn:

  • The Definition of Athletic Confidence?CTG Cover Final
  • Where Athletic Confidence Comes From (You Need 3 Things)
  • Why Kids Need to Learn From Failure and Not Fear it
  • How to Praise Your Kids so they Build Confidence, and Do Not Lose it!
  • Action Steps to Develop Confidence
  • Questions to Ask Your Kids to Help Them Gain Confidence

I have also included the book Table of Contents, so you can see all the aspects of raising happy, high-performing athletes that are covered.

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