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Join our group for 6 weeks of in-depth, online coaching education on Long Term Athletic Development, the psychology of high-performance for coaches and players, building a championship culture in your program, building better relationships with parents and players, becoming a more effective teacher of the game, understanding athlete learning styles, and more... 
  • Topics and Guest Experts for the Course Include:
    • Module 1: Activating Your Players' High-Performance Triggers In this module we go deep into sports psychology. How do we build strong bonds of trust with our athletes, so that our players perform confidently, and play without fear. We will learn how to alleviate the pressure and stress that can harm performance. We will learn how to give our players a path toward taking ownership of the sports experience, and instilling a growth mindset that will allow our athletes and teams to perform better. We will study the difference between coaching boys and coaching girls! Great coaches don't coach a sport; they coach a unique person, and this module will teach you how to do that.  In this module, John will be joined by Tom Bates, English Premier League Sport Psychologist and Performance Expert for additional insight into the psychology behind elite level performance.
    • Module 2: The Mindset of Elite Level Coaching We will learn what elite level coaches and leaders do to connect so they can inspire their teams and players. We will learn how our words and actions effect performance, and how to manage our own emotions and reactions so we inspire confidence and fearlessness in our players. Want to know how to effectively communicate with your players before, during and after the game? Coaches of positive significance are masters of the psychology of coaching, and you can be too. In this module John will be joined by Dan Abrahams, the Sport Psychologist for England Golf, English Premier League soccer teams and professional players throughout the world. Dan is also the bestselling author of 2 soccer psychology books. John will also be joined by John Haime of New Edge Performance. Haime is an author and consultant to many top professional athletes in golf, hockey, soccer, and other sports across the globe. 
    • Module 3: Expert Advice for Building a Championship Culture In this module we will learn from well known experts in team building, leadership and championship performance, so that you can apply their techniques for success with your players and teams. We will discuss the 4 phases of team development, as well as how to train your team leaders to lead effectively. We will watch the full interview with Michael Zigarelli, author of The Messiah Method, and gain more insight into a program that has won 15 national championships in the last 15 years. Then we will be joined by Dr Jerry Lynch, Founder of "Way of the Champion" and the sport psychologist for 34 national champion college and professional teams over the last two decades. Great coaches and leaders develop an outstanding coaching legacy by creating a culture of excellence that their players remember far beyond their playing days, and this module will teach you how to do that. 
    • Module 4: Everything You Need to Know About Dealing with Parents John will be sharing everything he has learned in 2 decades of coaching to get parents to be his greatest supporters instead of detractors, including: goal setting, parent education tips, giving parents a helpful role, keys to good communication, and more. You will be able to start developing a more positive, constructive parent group immediately, so you can get back to coaching the kids instead of managing moms and dads! John wil be joined by Ruth Nicholson, a professional corporate mediator and expert at conflcit resolution, who will walk you through her 7 step process for dealing with those inevitbale conflicts with parents who just don't get it.
    • Module 5: Effective Teaching for High-Level Performance If we cannot get more practice time, then it really matters what we do with the time we get! Not all coaching is equally effective, and when we train our players to learn certain ways, our teaching becomes more sticky! Coaching science has evolved, and new studies have demonstrated that specific types of training activities lead to faster learning, better retention, and superior game results. Coaches who become master teachers have more engaged players, and higher performing teams. In this module John will be joined by Mark Upton, the Coaching Science Manager at the English Institute of Sport, and expert in high-performance coaching, coach-athlete interaction, skill acquisition, decision making, and performing and training well under pressure. Mark will share the latest science on effective coaching, and help you to create better practices develop better athletes and better people, and win a few more games in the process.
    • Module 6: The 10,000 Hour Rule, Genetics and the Science of Optimal Player Development with David Epstein, author of the international bestseller The Sports Gene: Inside the Science of Extraordinary Athletic Performance. and Mark McClusky, author of Faster, Higher, Stronger:  How Sport Science is Creating a New Generation of Super-Athletes, and What We Can Learn from Them. If you want to be an effective coach these days, you must have an understanding of the science, psychology and sociology of Long Term Athletic Development. Epstein and McClusky have spent the last few years learning from the top sport scientists, coaches and performance experts, and their writings have shaken up the sports world. A few takeaways: genes play a big role, 10,000 hours of deliberate practice isn't all it's cracked up to be, and if you are training every player on your team exactly the same way, your athletes are NOT performing at their optimal level. Join us and learn how you can transform your team's performance from average to extraordinary. 
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