Coach, do you know what your kids need from you the most? 

The Xs and Os are important, but the #1 thing that kids say they want from their coach is CONNECTION! They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care! Our new online course, TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING: THE 3 C'S OF EFFECTIVE LEADERSHIP AND TEAMBUILDING, is your guide to having your best season ever! In it you will learn:

  • How to build CONNECTION with your athletes so that they are willing to learn and compete their very best
  • COMMUNICATION and coaching tips so that your players will learn faster and listen better
  • How to intentionally instill CHARACTER lessons into your coaching by establishing and teaching core values
  • Proven activities to do with your athletes and teams that build the 3C's into practice and competition
  • Course Length: 50 minutes
  • Your price: $19

“I teach leadership and team building around the world, and this course is exactly what every coach needs to have a season to remember. Kids' will always remember how you make them feel, and your words and actions can stick with them a lifetime. This course will teach you how to choose them wisely."  

James Leath, Founder of Unleash the Athlete and former Head of Leadership at IMG Academy

"I have worked with some of the world's top coaches in college and professional sports, and have learned that extraordinary coaching is so much more than x's and o's and winning the athletic's about winning the relationship game. I know this course will teach you how to connect with you athletes and so much more."  

Dr. Jerry Lynch, Founder of Way of Champions and Author of Coaching With Heart