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CTG Cover No BallsChanging the Game: The Parents Guide to Raising Happy,High-Performing Athletes and Giving Youth Sports Back to Our Kids

by John O’Sullivan (Click here to contact John for Bulk Pricing)

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In John’s new book, he discusses how the single greatest factor affecting a young athletes performance is his or her state of mind, yet this is often overlooked by well-intentioned parents and coaches.  Changing the Game is a guide to help parents and coaches understand, and cultivate, a high performance mindset. Here is what people are saying:

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He also discusses the many issues in youth sports today, not the least of which is the adult takeover of kids games.  We stream 10 year old baseball games to our offices, we buy $400 bats and $300 shoes, chasing the myth of scholarships and guaranteed high achievement.  At a time when popular culture is promoting numerous self centered values, our children need sports more then ever to teach them about courage, discipline, commitment, and humility.  Yet 70% of kids are dropping out of sports by the age of 13, most of them because sports are no longer fun! This must change. 

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The book outlines the 7 C’s of a happy, high performing mindset, and provides practical guidance to parents and coaches on the simple ways to make athletics a positive and rewarding experience for your young athletes.  They are:

  • Common Sense: See the Big Picture, and remember why your kids are playing sports in the first place
  • Conditions: what determines a physically and emotionally safe environment, and what are the proper Long Term Athletic Development guidelines for your child’s age group
  • Communication: learn how to talk so your child will listen, and listen so your child will talk
  • Control: set goals with your child, allow them to be part of the process, and then let them go and release them to their coach, their team, their game.
  • Competence: kids need to be good at things and have success; learn how to ensure that your child is gaining in competence
  • Confidence: learn the secrets of becoming a confident athlete, as well as how to properly push and praise your athlete
  • Caring: Unconditional love is needed by all kids; never demonstrate through your words or actions that your love of your child is tied to athletic performance

Finally, Changing the Game calls upon all of us to join the revolution and take our children’s games away from the adults who have overrun them, and give them back to the kids.  Change your family, change your team, change your club, and together we can change our country!

Buy a Signed Copy from John: Price $17.95  $12.50!

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Changing the Game: The Psychology of High Performing Athletes

(Click Here to Contact John for Bulk School/Club Access Plans, which include a live event in the cost!)

This is a series of 8 videos designed to help you better understand and activate the 7 C’s that will unlock your young athlete’s maximum potential.  We often spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, and thousands on coaching and travel, but in reality the environment we create for our young athlete has a much larger affect on their overall performance.  In these videos, you will learn about:

  • Taking a Common Sense Approach to Youth Sports
  • Finding the Right Conditions and Environment for your Child
  • Giving Kids Control of their Sports Experience
  • Tips for Great Communication
  • How to Show Your Child Caring and Unconditional Love
  • How Children Gain Competence
  • The Secrets of Athletic Confidence

Each video is accompanied by a PDF document for you to print and take notes, as well as a list of discussion questions for you and your child.  These documents will become your Youth Sports Owners Manual, which you can refer back to often whenever you have questions or concerns about your child’s athletic experience. Price: $297.00 $47!